WEBSITE — Desktop, Mobile

[1] I designed the website's desktop and mobile versions for a yearly cultural festival in Palermo. The project started with the analysis of competitor's websites and the structure of the content in Information Architecture maps.

[2] Next I wireframed all the screens with a mobile first approach, mindful of explaining interaction patterns with notes and diagramas, such as screen flows.


[3] In order to better communicate design ideas I produced quick prototypes of transitions and flows using Figma. The prototypes have been crucially helpful during the calls with the clients but also during the development phase to better communicate with the development team.

[4] [5] Finally I designed all the screens for mobile and desktop versions, including all the notes and comments to better clarify interactions and screen flows, in addition to the working prototype which remained available and updated throughtout the development process.


WEBSITE — Desktop, Mobile

[1] Ontime is a transports and logistics company located in the Milano area. The website is part of a corporate identity project conceived together with Ciao Ciao Studio. I started the project analysing the content and mapping the results against a priority matrix. This led to defining the structure and Information Architecture of the website, as well as the wireframes of the screens.

[2] After discussing the previous steps with the client, I designed the visuals for all screens, both mobile and desktop versions. The design has been developed with a modular approach and aims to communicate a few, simple information about the company with an airy and clear aesthetic.


[3] I also created some JQuery animations for the website, such as an animated logo enhancing the concept of movement of goods in accordance with the company's activity. The animations are directly embedded in the website's code.